Milestones Professional Gantt Chart Software offers makes creating gantt charts easier than ever before.

Milestones Professional Gantt Chart Software makes planning, organizing, communicating and tracking projects fast and easy. Designed for anyone who spends time scheduling or managing projects, Milestones Professional makes fast work of scheduling efforts.  Project managers who need to put together presentation ready project schedules will find Milestones Professional to be  gantt chart software that is truly a joy to work with.

Many gantt chart software products offer the basics for creating gantt charts, but Milestones Professional goes way beyond the basics.  What does Milestones offer that typical gantt chart software doesn’t offer?  Most gantt chart software offer basic ways to enter tasks and add start and end dates.  Milestones Professional goes beyond this by offering:

  • Thousands of symbol and bar combinations (other gantt chart software may offer a few, but Milestones goes well beyond that!)  Create your own symbol or bring in a bitmap if you have specific requirements for your gantt charts!
  • The ability to track any numbers along with the gantt chart.   Up to 3 separate graphs with several sets of data can be tracked along with the gantt chart.
  • At-a-glance reporting with a huge variety of stoplights and indicators.

Highlight your project tasks using a huge assortment of presentation-ready bars and symbols

Most gantt chart software offers an assortment of display options, but Milestones Professional’s huge built-in assortment of symbols and bars is second to none.


Gantt Chart Software Example: Software Plan – Draft Under Review

Gantt Charts are only final once the project is complete. Up until that point they are likely to undergo many revisions as tasks slip and have to be rescheduled. Luckily, in today’s world, these charts don’t have to be manually redrawn (with pen and paper as they did in the early 1900s). Modern Gantt chart software packages make it easy to just change a date and voila! get a new chart.

This Gantt Chart example shows the various phases of a software project with Team Meeting milestones for each phase.