Gantt Chart Examples

New business evaluation plan

The Gantt chart example below shows a company’s new business evaluation plan. Gantt bars are used to display the start and stop for each tasks. In addition to the Gantt chart, cost (budget v actual) values are shown for each task and graphed below the Gantt chart.

Wonderful New Widget “Moneymaker” Gantt Chart Example

In the development of a new product “Moneymaker”, a company is using a Gantt chart to plan how they will make piles and piles of money.  They may be optimistic but aren’t most entrepreneurs?  Making a Gantt chart can help them plan how they will make their fortune!

Hardware development

The Gantt chart example below shows a complex project over a 4 year period. Gantt chart bars are shown for the time spans while important milestones are shown throughout the Gantt chart.

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) with cost

Using a Gantt chart to present a contract plan to a government customer is often a contract requirement.  An Integrated Master Schedule like this Gantt chart example might be used.  It clearly shows all the steps in the project and costs associated with each step.

All projects – status

Here’s an example of a presentation Gantt chart.  It shows a company’s major projects in a colorful “cartoon chart” format.

Project report with earned value cost graph

Earned Value is used by many contractors to monitor project plan, actual work and scheduled work to determine if a project is on track. Earned value shows the amount of budget that has been used and how much of the budget SHOULD have been used. It’s a way of measuring and monitoring project cost performance. Many government contractors are required to report earned value. This Gantt chart example shows the project tasks in the Gantt chart area. Below the Gantt chart is a graph showing earned value.

Project Weekly Countdown and status

This project schedule example illustrates a simple “countdown” schedule, counting down by weeks from week 53 to week 1. The Gantt chart portion of the example includes colored Gantt chart bars with colors starting with a dark color and fading to a lighter color on the right. The Gantt chart example includes a colored diamond symbol marking the schedule end date. The task name for each step in the Gantt chart is shown inside the bar. In addition to the schedule, a status column shows at a glance the status of each task. For tasks in the Gantt chart which are Complete, the entry is filled blue with the letter C. For tasks in the Gantt chart which are On Schedule, the entry is filled green with a letter S. At Risk tasks are indicated yellow with the letter R and Late tasks are shown red with the letter L.

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Roadmap

An Integrated Master Schedule (or IMS) is the top level schedule which shows a “big picture” of often very complex projects. It may be a schedule for several components of a larger project and is typically linked to lower level Integrated Master Plans. Milestones Professional makes it easy to create and maintain Integrated Master Schedules.

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Waterfall chart

An Integrated Master Schedule (or IMS) is the top level schedule which shows a “big picture” of often very complex projects. This example shows a waterfall chart.

Development Scenario

This Gantt chart example shows a high level overview of a development project. Colored Gantt bars with a variety of borders are used to make the schedule pop. This project management schedule shows dates from July 2018 to July 2022. The top date heading shows Months using a frequency of 6. One month increment is shown for each 6 months on the project schedule.