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Organizing for Work by Henry L. Gantt

Henry Gantt
Organizing for Work
, an early book written by Henry L. Gantt and published the same year he died (1919),

You can download Organizing for Work in PDF form, which is now in the public domain and free to download.

Organizing for Work by Henry Gantt
Topics include:
  • The Parting of the ways
  • The Engineer as the Industrial Leader
  • Efficiency and Idleness
  • Production and Costs
  • Value of an Industrial Property Depends on its Productive Capacity
  • An Extension of the Credit System to make it Democratic
  • Economics of Democracy
  • Democracy in Production
  • Democracy in the Shop
  • Democracy in Management
  • "The Religion of Democracy"
Henry Gantt's contribution to the management process is honored today through the The Henry Laurence Gantt Medal.  The award established in 1929 is given for distinguished achievement in management and for service to the community.

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