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gantt chart example

A Gantt Chart is a Matrix

The Gantt chart is constructed with a horizontal axis representing the total time span of the project, broken down into increments (days, weeks, or months).
The Gantt chart is constructed with a vertical axis representing the tasks that make up the project.
The Gantt chart is constructed with a graph area which contains horizontal bars for each task connecting the period start and period ending symbols.

A Gantt Chart has variants

Milestones: important checkpoints or interim goals for a project.
Resources: for team projects, it often helps to have an additional column containing numbers or initials which identify who on the team is responsible for the task.
Status: the projects progress, the chart is updated by filling in the task's bar to a length proportional to the amount of work finished.
Dependencies: an essential concept that some activities are dependent on other activities being completed first.

Create your own Gantt Chart, for free

To create your own Gantt chart, you will need computer software. The two software programs below both have a free trial, which you can use to create your own Gantt Charts.

Milestones Professional
Combining ease of use and scheduling power, Milestones Professional is the fast, easy way to create schedules and reports for projects. When you manage and schedule projects, you need software that is powerful, fast and easy to use.

Milestones Professional is a great project scheduler!
Milestones Simplicity
Milestones Simplicity lives up to its name by giving you the easiest possible way to create presentation-ready schedules. To make eye-catching schedules, just type in the project steps, then click and drag to add milestone dates and Gantt bars.

Using these programs, you can easily create presentation-ready Gantt Charts for your next meeting. You can also create PDF charts to email to your colleagues, to help plan your projects.

When you have a project to manage, life is much easier when you use Gantt Charts!