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Stoplight Gantt Chart Example

This Stoplight Gantt chart example offers the typical Gantt bars and has the added feature of a Status "stoplight" column indicating how the project is progressing.  In this case, each task displays a baseline bar (solid blue) below the current plan (striped bar).  If the current plan's end date falls after the baseline plan, then the stoplight is RED.  If the project is complete (as indicated by the current plan finish date falling before the current date line and showing completely filled), then the stoplight is GREEN.  Otherwise, the stoplight is YELLOW, indicating the task is on track with the current plan, but may still need to be monitored.

Stoplights are often used as a quick way to display project status, especially for executives who may want to quickly glance at a project schedule to see how the project is doing.  A stoplight listing might be shown to a top exec, giving the exec the opportunity to "drill-down" on the project schedule to get detail on any project which he/she has a question about.

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All Schedules on this web site were created using Milestones software. This includes Milestones Professional, which is a powerful, fast, and easy to use project scheduler, and Milestones Simplicity, a basic program for creating Gantt charts. These programs can both be used to present schedules. They are both great examples of project planning software.