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Here's a simple example that might have been used around the time Gantt charts were invented (if computers had also been available to make the charts look this precise:)   Gantt Chart Evolution History part 1
Gantt Chart Evolution History part 2   Early Gantt chart users showed progress using a simple "fill in the bar" method to show how much of the project was complete:
They also might have shown the planned bar along side the progress bar like this:   Gantt Chart Evolution History part 3
Gantt Chart Evolution History part 4   Another type of chart which was used along with the Gantt chart was the basic "Milestone chart".  This type of chart shows only important project events or milestones:
Milestone charts are very popular today, especially for management reporting.  A major benefit is that it's easy to communicate a great deal of information in a single presentation slide.  This example shows how the complete overall progress of two major projects might be presented to upper management:
Gantt Chart Evolution History part 5

Combining the gantt chart and the milestone chart was the next logical step.  This "Remodeling Project" uses bars to show the time required for each phase of the remodeling project.  Important milestones are shown with a single diamond symbol:


Remodeling project schedule

Airport Remodeling Gantt Chart Project Schedule