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Buy Gantt Chart Project Scheduling Software

For basic Gantt charting, presentation milestone charts, and even earned value schedules, one of KIDASA Software's Milestones products is sure to meet your needs.  We invite you to visit our web site and download a free trial copy of Milestones Professional, or Milestones Simplicity to see just how easily your Gantt charts can be created.
Milestones Professional Milestones Simplicity
Combining ease of use and scheduling power, Milestones Professional is the fast, easy way to create schedules and reports for projects. When you manage and schedule projects, you need software that is powerful, fast and easy to use.

Milestones Professional is a great project scheduler!
If you are looking for a simple planning tool, you will find Milestones Simplicity lives up to its name by offering the easiest project scheduling tool on the market.  With Simplicity, easily create presentation-ready schedules.

Milestones Simplicity is an easy to use Gantt tool!

Using these programs, you can easily create presentation-ready Gantt Charts for your next meeting. You can also create PDF charts to email to your colleagues, to help plan your projects. When you have a project to manage, life is much easier when you use a tried and true Gantt Chart!